A house expansion can be as simple as adding an attached garage or adding a second floor, a patio/deck, or finishing a basement.

House Expansion Project in Toronto: The Costs and Requirements

23 April 2019,

  Over time, expansion of a house becomes necessary for several reasons. A growing family, changing lifestyles, new hobbies, or simply a need for […]

Group life insurance is offered by many good employers to their employees, but it could be lost once you part from your company.

What you need to know about your right to convert your group life insurance now

12 April 2019,

Have you resigned from your job and worried about your life insurance? Did you know that you can convert your group life insurance to […]

here are the best 20 home insurers

Top 20 Best Home Insurance Companies in Quebec

25 March 2019,

Are you looking for the best home insurance company for your property? Compare Home Quotes has gathered for you the information regarding the 20 […]

Save money from your home internet package and mobile phone by comparing multiple quotes

Find the best price for internet, television, home phone, and mobile packages

20 March 2019,

Is it time to renew your internet, TV, phone or mobile package? Are you comparing offers and don’t know which is the best? Don’t […]

Compare prices for a professional excavation to ensure a good job at a reasonable price.

What is the price of an excavation project by professional excavators?

20 March 2019,

What is the cost for foundation excavation, for drains, or piles?  Compare actual prices for your excavation work with the help of our free […]

Consider the latest bedroom trends in 2019 for a more smashing room with optimal function.

10+ Bedroom Decor Trends in 2022 & Color Trends

19 March 2019,

See which styles to choose, accessories to add, fixtures to install, types of headboards to consider to ensure a trendy decor for your bedroom […]

Find out today what the price is for an accredited appraiser in Quebec

What is the price for hiring an accredited appraiser or real estate appraiser to assess the value of a home?

14 March 2019,

While 94% of current and future homeowners consider it important to know how to assess their property in a real estate transaction, only 56% […]

A notary is a legal professional who plays an important role in a home sale or purchase

Price of a notary and rates of different notarial document services in Quebec

14 March 2019,

  What is a notary and what does he do? Similar to a lawyer, a notary is a legal professional who has naturally obtained […]

Get protection for your home and your finances with good home insurance

Home insurance prices: factors to consider for cheaper insurance

13 March 2019,

You know how important it is to have home insurance. Understand what determines the cost of your premiums and most importantly, how to pay […]

Know how much it’s going to cost you when buying a house


11 March 2019,

  If you are planning to buy a house, you must know all the expenses for each stage leading to the turn-over of the […]

Check your water heater and replace when necessary for your convenience and safety.

When should you replace your water heater? Life span and price

11 March 2019,

  Are you unsure if your water heater is obsolete and you worry about possible water damage? Learn how to spot certain tell-tale signs of […]

The 10 Best Water Heaters in 2022 in Quebec: Shop for your water heater with the Experts

13 December 2018,

Last update : December 13th 2021 The top water heaters (residential) for Montreal and Quebec Ecopeak 60 gallon water heater / SUPER CASCADE Model […]


Save Time & Get The Best Life Insurance Offers Tailored to Your Needs & Budget

6 June 2018,

Top 15 Best Life Insurance Companies in Quebec: Best Premiums and Coverage Do not be one of the 88% of adults who don’t know […]

myth truths heat pumps

What you need to know before buying the best heat pump: Myths & Truths

4 June 2018,

Finally, you can learn the best-kept secrets about heat pumps. To buy the best heat pump for YOU, just contact the experts to know […]

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